Student Teaching Assistantships

Economics students who do well in their core classes have the opportunity to become Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs).  We pay our undergraduate students to be student instructors for our supplemental instruction courses, graders for select courses, and tutors. In addition to being paid, ISAs improve their oral communication skills and the experience strengthens their performance in other Economics classes.

Supplemental Instruction Courses

Our one-unit Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses greatly contribute to student success in Principles of Economics (Econ 210) and Intermediate Microeconomics (Econ 310).  Student Instructors lead the weekly SI sessions in collaborative learning exercises, such as problem sets, experiments, group activities, and games.


We hire undergraduate students as graders for several of our more quantitative economics courses.  Students work from an answer key to grade homework and case studies. 


The Tutoring Center hires undergraduate students to provide free tutoring for students.  Economics students are capable of tutoring for a variety of courses, including Economics, Math, Accounting, and Statistics.