Graduating in Four Years

Why Graduate in 4 Years?
One of the primary benefits of graduating in 4 years is the amount of money you will save.  If you graduate in 4 years, compared to graduating in 5, you will have saved $7,128 just in tuition alone. This doesn't take into account the additional time you will have to be employed full time in the work force and the additional year of experience in the workforce that can be gained as a result. 

Advice on reading your DARS
When you look at your DARS report, on the first page there is a legend that will help you understand what you should be looking at.  For incoming freshman your DARS report is going to have a lot of incompletes on it.  Transfer students are going to have some sections on their DARS that says OK for the sections that are complete and some that say NO for sections that are incomplete.

A helpful tip for understanding your DARS is to color coordinate your own.  You might want use green for sections that you have completed, yellow for the classes that you are taking and are in progress, and red for classes that you have not taken.  You do not have to do this but it will make it easier to know which parts you still need to complete and what you have accomplished so far.  This is suggested for the old DARS report.  On the new DARS format it already does this for you and makes it much easier to understand.

It is very important when you are reading your DARS to make sure that you are focused on getting your GE and major courses done.  If you have a minor as well you should also keep on track for that.  Some classes may even double count for your major and your minor.