Applied and Quantitative Economics Emphasis

This Emphasis focuses on the intersection between quantitative methods and economic analysis. It provides strong preparation for students planning to enter a doctoral program in economics, statistics, or other quantitative fields. It also prepares students for more technically demanding careers requiring extensive knowledge of mathematics, statistics, or data science. 


  • Complete Math 109 and Stat 333 for Math/Stats requirements in the Economics Core.

  • Complete ONE of the Applied/Quantitative Tracks listed below:

    • Math Track: For students interested in pursuing careers as PhD Economists in academia, government, and the private sector. Strong preparation for graduate school in Economics.

    • Stats Track: For students interested in careers as analysts, researchers, and statisticians.

    • Data Science Track:  For students interested in careers in data analysis and data Science.

    • GIS Track: For students interested in careers in spatial analysis and data analytics.

Math Track (19 units)Stats Track (15 units)Data Science Track (20 units)GIS Track (18 units)

Math 110 (Calc II) (4)

Math 210 (Calc III) (4)

Math 107 (Intro to LA) (3)

Math 245 (Math Exp & Proofs) (4)

Math 344 (Linear Algebra) (4)


Or a minor in Math*

Math 107 (Intro to LA) (3)

CS 111 (CS Foundation I) (4)

Stat 404 (multivariate) (4)

Stat 410 (Mod Stat Mod) (4)


Or a minor in Applied Stats*

CS 111 (CS Foundation I) (4)

Data 111 (Intro to prog & comp

thinking) (4)

GSP 101 (GSP Concepts) (3)

GSP 270 (GIS) (3)

CS 325 (Database desg) (4)

DATA 217 (Data Wrangling) (4)


Or a minor in Geospatial Analysis or

Computer Science*

GSP 101 (GSP Concepts) (3)

GSP 270 or 272 (GIS) (3)

GSP 318 (GSP programming I) (3)

GSP 370 (Intermd GIS) (3)

GSP 418 (GSP programming II) (3)

GSP 470 (Adv GIS) (3)

Or a minor in Geospatial Analysis*

 * NOTE: Double majors in quantitative fields can substitute for the above tracks.