General Economics Emphasis

This emphasis allows students to explore a number of different economics electives and see how economics applies to a variety of real-world problems and issues. The General Economics Emphasis offers the most complete economics curriculum available to a Cal Poly Humboldt student, and can be a perfect stepping stone on the way to either a post-baccalaureate education or any one of the economics careers in many different fields. 


  • Complete an additional THREE upper division economics elective courses numbered ECON 300-499, with the exception of ECON 387 & ECON 482, including the corresponding 1-unit depth of study where offered.

The field of Economics is vast. The ability to take an additional twelve units of Economics adds to the depth and understanding of the subject and is a great way to enrich your desire to learn. Whether the historical context of economics or the role it has in public policy interests you, pursuing General Economics can help satisfy those inquiries along with many others. The additional exposure and involvement with the Economics department that a General Economics student can have is another great benefit, as the dedication to economics alone can free up time and effort to put towards economics projects and research going on within the department.