Minor in Economics

Economics plays an important role in many disciplines, including business, environmental science/studies, international studies, political science, journalism, and more. Students can design their economics minor to complement their major.

The Economics minor offers students critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills that are highly marketable. Students add valuable knowledge and expertise to their resume with a minor in Economics!


  • Complete ECON 210 (Principles of Economics)

  • Complete 12 units of  upper division economics elective courses numbered ECON 300-499, with the exception of ECON 387 & ECON 482.

    • Usually three 4-unit courses, including the 1-unit depth of study where offered

    • Can be four 3-unit courses

To get a minor in Economics you should contact one of the Economics faculty. They will help you choose the most relevant economics electives for your major. 

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