Collaborative Research

As a part of the hands-on approach of the Economics program here at Cal Poly Humboldt students have the opportunity to work with faculty on academic research projects with the possibility of being published. These experiences add priceless real-world experience to the academic rigor present in the classroom and can round out a strong Economics education. Some of the publications, sorted by faculty member, are listed below:

Professor Erick Eschker:

  • Erick Eschker and Josh Meisel (co-authored with Jeff Grabinski, Economics Major), "College Students and the Marijuana Industry," manuscript 2014.
  • Erick Eschker (co-authored with Erica Blake, Econnomics Major), "Humboldt County Entrepreneur Annual Survey Report," original work 2011, updated 2012 (with Jessica Lamb, Economics Major)
  • Erick Eschker (co-authored with Jaime Musich, Economics major) Humboldt County Regional Activity, 2000-2010," (preliminary report prepared for the Humboldt Economic Index) 2011.
  • Erick Eschker (co-authored with Jessica Lamb, Economics major) "Humboldt County Entrepreneur Annual Survey, Identifying Key Determinants of Small Business Success," 2011
  • Eschker, Erick (co-authored with Julia West, Economics major) "The Economic Impact of Health Care Providers in Del Norte County, California," 2007.
  • Eschker, Erick (co-authored with Lara Remke, Economics major) "Ethanol and Competition in a Rural Gasoline Market: A Descriptive Case Study of Eureka, California," Northwest Journal of Business and Economics, 2006.
  • Eschker, Erick (co-authored with Soren Messner-Zidell, Economics major) "Is There a Housing Bubble in Humboldt County? The Housing Market in a Rural California Region, 1989-2004," 2005.
  • Eschker, Erick (Christopher Olson, Economics major, was the research assistant) "Fiscal Redistribution by Age and Generational Inequality in the Twentieth Century." Submitted for journal review, 2006. Note: Presented at the 2005 Social Science History Association Meetings.
  • Eschker, Erick (Jim Truitt, Economics major, was the research assistant) "The Characteristics of Countries with Generational Account Imbalances," Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, March 2003, pp. 39-57. 

Professor Steven Hackett:

  • Hackett, Steven (working with student researchers Nathan Freney and Brett Proirier), "Sustaining Fishing Communities by Enhancing Value in a Landings-Constrained Environment, 2012-14," a Sea Grant College Program grant-funded project to identify strategies that help sustain fishermen and fishing-dependent communities in the context of increasing constraints on commercial landings.
  • Hackett, Steven (co-authored with Chris Dewees, Dave Hankin, Matthew Krachey (student co-author), and Kristen Sortais), "Racing for Crabs: Costs and Management Options in California's Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery," California Agriculture, Oct/Dec 2004, 58(4), pp. 186-93. Note: This article received the Gold Award from the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals as the best refereed article of the year.
  • Hackett, Steven (co-authored with Chris Dewees and Matthew Krachey (student co-author)), "Characteristics of Dungeness Crab (Cancer magister) Processing in California," California Agriculture, Oct/Dec 2004, 58(4), pp. 190-91.
  • Hackett, Steven (co-authored with Chris Dewees, Dave Hankin, Matthew Krachey (student co-author), and Kristen Sortais), "An Economic Overview of Dungeness Crab (Cancer magister) Processing in California", forthcoming, California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports vol. 44, 2003, 86-93.
  • Hackett, Steven, "An Economic Overview of the California Wetfish Industry Complex." In California's "Wetfish" Industry: It's Importance Past, Present and Future, ed. D. Pleschner-Steele. Santa Barbara, CA: California Seafood Council, 2002. (Assisted by graduate student Matthew Krachey)

Professor Beth Wilson:

  • Wilson, Beth (co-authored with Sarah Rossig, Economics major), "Does Supplemental Instruction for Principles of Economics Help Close the Gap for Traditionally Underrepresented Minorities?" Working Paper, 2013
  • Wilson, Beth (co-authored with James Frew of Willamette University), "Urban Growth Boundary Restrictions and Dynamic Property Values," presented at the annual meeting of the American Real Estate Society on April 2-5, 2003. (Cynthia Salazar, an Economics major, was the research assistant and attended the meetings)