Hands-On Learning

Flowers on the beach

The hands-on learning opportunities available to a Humboldt Economics student are varied and grounded in real-world skill building. Outside of learning activities and research in the classroom, there are openings for students to become editors or data gatherers for a significant local publication, the Humboldt Economic Index, or for students to become Student Instructors and gain concrete teaching experience while helping other students succeed.

Here at Cal Poly Humboldt we value the bonds students have with their fellow classmates and professors; so much so that we consider it essential to a great learning environment. To that end the department hosts Econ Forums with the help of senior economics students to encourage discussion in a casual environment, where students and professors can get to know one another as people outside of the classroom.

Another way Humboldt stands out from the rest is with regard to the research in which students can participate. With a recently established Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, there are possibilities for students to get involved in economic impact studies, medical studies, and more regarding the influence of marijuana on the region and in a general context. Even outside of an established institute, Cal Poly Humboldt Economics instructors are willing to include and collaborate with students who show a genuine interest in the subject matter.