Student Narratives: Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan likes volleyball and being outdoors, and is intensely focused when it comes to his studies. Set to graduate with a degree in economics next year, Jordan has his sights set on working with numbers.

Born in Hawaii, Jordan grew up in Poway, California. He was active in his high school, where he was a member of the Science Olympiad and Varsity Volleyball teams. He knew he would be attending college, and thought that marine biology would be his major. But a year-long senior project changed his thinking, and he enrolled in community college as a business major.

The Road to Humboldt

After taking the only two economics classes that the community college offered, Jordan’s sights were set on economics as a major. When looking for schools to complete his degree, his criteria included four-year schools that would accept the credits he had accumulated, and that would also satisfy his need for a change.

“I was looking for something different,” he said in response to a question about why he chose Humboldt. “Cal Poly Humboldt is the exact opposite of where I grew up in San Diego County. It’s the trees and how everyone thinks about being outdoors. People are way more relaxed here than they are down south.”

He applied and was accepted to several schools, and is just completing his first year at Humboldt and in the Economics Department.

“Our department is surprisingly small, so everyone gets to know each other,” he said. “The professors and instructors are always available and willing to help, and will go out of their way to help us be successful.”

Jordan applauds the faculty’s willingness to seek out innovative ways to support the students. One example is the response Dr. Erick Eschker, Professor of Economics, had when Jordan came to him with a problem.

With a minor in statistics, taking statistic courses is critical for Jordan. But not many classes are offered on campus, and the ones he was eligible for were closed.

“Dr. Eschker offered to give me an independent study course in statistics to get the hours I needed,” said Jordan. “I’m still working on the course now. I’m collecting the data and will conduct a statistical analysis of factors that determine the size of medical marijuana dispensaries. Once my work is complete, we hope to publish our findings in an academic journal.”


Jordan notes that the enthusiasm of the professors is infectious.

“The economics professors are awesome,” he said. “They are so interested in their subjects that they make us all interested. Dr. Fisher, for instance, makes theory understandable, and Dr. Wilson brings the world of numbers into class in a way that keeps everyone engaged.”

According to Jordan, new students have the opportunity to thrive in the Economics department.

 “Economics can be applied to any situation.” He said. “It’s a great department. If you like rich, free ranging discussions, a department where people are genuinely interested in getting to know you, and small class sizes, you’ll like econ. The department is always looking for more good people.”

Jordan is one of this year’s interns working on the Humboldt Economic Index, which has been produced monthly by the economics department since 1994. He was appointed to the internship by Dr. Erick Eschker.

“I have a lot of confidence in Jordan,” said Dr. Steve Hackett, department chair. “We are pleased that he’s working on one of the department’s main projects.”

According to the Department website, the Humboldt Economic Index monitors seven sectors of the Humboldt County economy. They are employment, electricity, home sales, lumber, hospitality, manufacturing and retail sales. Data is collected and summarized each month.

What’s next

Jordan has another year to go at Humboldt, and will graduate in the fall. He has the internship for the Humboldt Economic Index lined up for another year, and will finish coursework with an eye to his future, and a profession as either an analyst or an investment banker.

In between now and then he hopes to get a summer job and spend as much time outdoors as he can, especially anything that “has to do with the ocean.”